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Why Choose VJ's

Utilizing contemporary technology in conjunction with the surgeon’s extreme experience makes a huge difference between cosmetology centres. VJ’s Skin Clinic is currently a top destination for both males and females with various body contour issues, skin problems, hair humiliations among others.

Our well-trained team of doctors, technicians, and nurses have extended their modern artistic skills and experience into producing the desired natural results in every patient without compromising with any procedure.

A systematic treatment approach is followed, which includes physical examinations, proper diagnosis, recommended drugs, and friendly post-operative care and treatment.

We aim at surpassing your expectations.

About Our Doctor

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar

M.D. ,F.A.I.M.S: F.I.C.S. (Chicago),M.A.M.S (Vienna)

Excellency begins with a desire in a particular field. Having attained an outstanding achievement academically, Dr. C Vijay Kumar never relaxed but continued with his journey of excelling in the practical field of cosmetology.

Dr. Vijay is currently an expert in the cosmetic and plastic surgery sector, which is one of the most vital spheres in the world. He performs modern cosmetic and plastic surgeries such as Facelift, Liposuction, hair transplant, skin rejuvenation procedures, breast reduction (men and women) and much more.

Meet the best surgeon who believes that beauty has no boundaries for any desired alteration of your body.

Our Areas of Concern

Attain Modern Cosmetic Surgeries for a Transformation

Hair Restoration

We restore both males’ and females’ hair commonly lost due to DHT, genes, anemia, and other related cases. Our expertise in the field has helped us deliver the desired results after an in-depth examination.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery in the real sense encompasses a wide stream of plastic surgeries aimed at improving one’s appearance. Some of the various cosmetic surgeries conducted at our centre include Breast augmentation, Vulvovaginal surgery, facial procedures and hair transplant.


The professional provision of beautifying services is termed as cosmetology. Our clinic is an ideal choice when it comes to face, skin, and hair solutions. We work on both males and females of all age groups.

Hair Transplant

It is necessary that you attain only a single hair transplant procedure and never worry about bald patches. A meticulously performed hair transplant addresses a formal hairline, satisfaction, and a permanent hair loss solution.


Hair Loss Diagnosis

Excellent Protocols for Hair Restoration

A physical exam precedes a hair loss diagnosis at our advanced cosmetology clinic as a formal medical approach to ascertaining the exact root cause of hair loss. Several questions regarding your medical and family history are posed by the surgeon for a proper diagnosis. Tests taken include;

  • Blood Test

A blood test is recommended to disclose any medical illness that may cause hair loss such as a Thyroid disease

  • Scalp Biopsy

In this, the surgeon takes skin samples from the scalp or may take a number of hairs to look for an infection

  • Light Microscopy

To detect possible hair shaft disorders, a light microscopy is taken by using a specialized instrument to examine your hairs. Treatment then follows.

You can glance through our alluring patients’ transformations.

Life Changing Results

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