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About Dr. Vj’s

About Hair Clinic

Dr. Vijay Kumar – A Cosmetic Specialist

Expertise is earned with dedication and love in a particular field. India’s leading cosmetic specialist, as well as a hair transplant surgeon, directs the most advanced cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation centre in India. Having acquired his training in Chicago and Vienna 4 decades ago, Dr. Vijay Kumar has never lagged behind in the cosmetology field.

Holding a unique and vast experience in transforming men and women has earned him a reputable recognition worthy of attention. His areas of expertise include breast reduction (gynecomastia), Liposuction, Laser Therapy, hair transplantation and other body contouring procedures.

Modern equipment and tools with excellent surgical protocols are utilized at our modern beautician centre. Our areas of influence include Delhi, Ludhiana, Visakhapatnam, and India at large.

Our Priority Is You

We absolutely understand that your appearance matters to you and that is why are dedicated to our call as cosmetic specialists. Our services are professionally conducted to render them safe, precise and convenient. With excellent diagnostic procedures, extended examinations with ultrasounds and X rays, and numerous considerations, we provide a thorough pre-surgical or treatment session to evaluate one’s eligibility to prevent complications.

All our surgical procedures are conducted by Dr. Vijay Kumar, who is extremely experienced to carry them out. Your surgical fears such as infections, scarring, bleeding and bruising are 100% controlled by our minimally invasive procedures and the surgeon’s expertise.

We provide friendly follow up with proper post-operative instructions to help you have a quick recovery period. We aim at natural results, and giving you a unique experience with us which you won’t get from anywhere else.

Dr. VJ’s Medical Excellence & Uniqueness in Service Offering

Dr. VJ acquired his training from abroad, which enabled him to interact with the world’s renowned cosmetic surgeons. Throughout his years of training, he stayed loyal, showing great interest in cosmetology, which is one of the leading medical fields today.

Together with his experienced team of doctors, technicians, and nurses, Dr. VJ has surpassed 90% of the patients’ expectations accumulating an enormous influence in cosmetology. World class protocols are followed at every step to maintain quality, loyalty, and productivity.

Let’s help you get a clear picture of yourself with our unique cosmetology practices.


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