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Anti Ageing Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatments

Aging is a normal or natural process that every individual undergoes as long as still breathing. Each day, month and year that passes, we experience an inner change or development that alters the youthful appearance of the skin.

Aging occurs differently in humans, much as many symptoms and signs remain the same. As we age, the elasticity, volume, and the texture of the skin changes and this mostly begins occurring during the age of 40. With years, the wrinkles, fine lines, marks and so on become visible around the eyes, lips, and forehead.

The approach of this natural process is termed as Anti-Aging treatments that are provided in the cosmetic clinics and beauty parlours. Much as women are more fond of attaining anti-aging treatments, men also can acquire various treatments to reduce the aging effect on their appearance.

Forms/Types of Anti- Aging Treatments

Dr. VJ’s clinic is a renowned Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation centre best known for its modernized treatment approaches that provide the best results in both males and females. The different anti-aging treatments provided at our cosmetic centre include;

Botox & Fillers Solution
This is one of the commonest anti-aging treatment globally. Fillers and Botox treatments are administered in the form of injections in the localized facial regions to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, add volume to the skin and providing a youthful appearance.

Much as the Botulinum injections and Dermal Fillers are anti-aging solutions, each treatment is provided depending on the prevailing facial issues. There are different types of dermal fillers used to increase the volume of the skin and relax the muscles under the wrinkles, fill the line or the crease. The Botulinum injections on the other side are commonly preferred to eliminate dynamic wrinkles that form as you change your face, smile, or laugh.

Laser Therapy
The advanced form of facial rejuvenation is currently laser therapy. This form of anti-aging treatment in India is considered the most comfortable and effective procedure for both males and females. The results of laser therapy are seen right after the treatment unlike other treatments like chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, and masks, that may require more time to produce the desired results.

Laser Therapy utilizes different types of lasers that emit a given amount of light energy that is directed towards the skin to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, scars, skin damage, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues. Lasers are used in a professional manner at our clinic due to the fact that they can cause skin damage in case carelessly used. A gel is first of all applied to the intended skin to prevent damage.

Facial Volumizers
With years, the face begins losing its firmness and volume. Facial volumizers are intended to restore the facial volume that you enjoyed at the age of 25. These volumizers take the form of fat grafting and liquid facelifts that plumper your look.

For the right Facial Volumizer, a patient must have an examination and evaluate the different alternatives that provide the same results like dermal fillers.

Vampire Facelift
A vampire Facelift promises a younger and a firmer looking face, much as it is extremely costly. The treatment requires a doctor to extract blood from the body and then introduce it to the centrifugation effect to attain the Platelet Rich Plasma serum. This serum is combined with other clinical drugs and then injected into the face to stimulate collagen production thereby attaining a pleasant face.

The treatment can also eliminate wrinkles, scars, and fine lines.

Plastic surgeries aimed at altering the appearance of the skin can also provide the desired results. Apart from facelift procedures that aim at the cheeks, chin, and the eyelids can also remove aging signs.


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Cost Estimation

Anti-aging treatments are completely affordable, however, it depends on the type of treatment suitable for your skin and the available cash. The anti-aging treatment cost in India may range from Rs. 15,000 to 80,000 in the case of nonsurgical treatments, whereas the surgeries may cost more.