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BIO-FUT Hair Transplant


What is FUT Hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the permanent solution to the baldness. This is performed in the forms of the group. These groups are commonly known as the follicular units.

How is FUT Treatment done?

  • This procedure is performed in the OPD. Firstly, local anesthesia is given to the patient. Anesthesia is required to prevent any kind of discomfort during the time of the procedure.
  • When the patient is anesthetized, then your surgeon will remove the strip of the tissue from the donor area.
  • Donor area must be your permanent zone. Once the donor strip is removed then it is divided into the many follicular units. This is done with the help of the microscopic dissection technique.
  • When the follicular units are prepared, then your surgeon will create slits in the recipient area.
  • Then the grafts are placed in that area.
  • Silting is performed with the fine needlepoint instrument. Creation of the slits and implantation of the hair follicles are the essential phases that are required in every type of the hair restoration technique.

How is the healing phase after a FUT?

The donor site will heal automatically after the seven to ten days. There is only the thin scar on the back and the sides of the scalp. Non – absorbable sutures will be removed after the 10 days of the surgery.

When does the hair begin growing?

In the stating period of time, your hairs will shed out after the 2 to 6 weeks; the reason is the roots are entering the resting phase. After the three months, your transplanted roots will start sprouting of the hairs. Sprouting of the hair will last up to 8 months. You will enjoy the denser hair growth after 10 to 12 months. Once your transplanted hair will continue to grow, it will continue to grow for the whole life.


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What is bio stimulated FUT?

Bio FUT hair transplant in India is performed in the following steps:

  • This is the combination of the FUT and along with three sessions of the Platelet-rich plasma therapy.
  • This will help to enhance the residual hairs and the transplanted hairs.
  • This therapy is enhancing the presence of the high concentration of the growth factors as well as the stimulation of the stem cells.
  • In this technique, hair follicles that are to be preserved are dipped in the special solution. This solution is enriched in the patient’s own growth factors. The concentrated solutions of the growth factors are injected in the whole of the affected area.

There is the slight modification in the direct implantation technique. We usually implant back soon. This will reduce the time to the several minutes rather than the few hours. These ensure the maximum growth of the hairs and have the excellent results. Bio FUT hair transplant cost in India is less than as compared to other countries.
The next technique is the no-touch technique. In this technique, roots are not touched. All the hairs are held by the skin at the time of the implantation. This will reduce the chance of hair damage and have the amazing results.