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The Eyelid Surgery

Many of us find ourselves with puffiness of the eyes, dark circles, and the dropping of the lower and upper eyelid. Such facial appearances may render you old, uneasy about yourself, and above all low self-confidence. The outbreak of technology expertise has rendered many once complicated procedures, minimally invasive as well very effective. Currently, Blepharoplasty, also known as the eyelid surgery is one of the plastic surgery procedures performed with great ease for natural or improved appearance.

What is a Blepharoplasty?

A Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for modifying of the eyelids. The procedure is specifically done to reconstruct, repair, and eliminate any deformities near the eye. Much as the surgery is mostly performed for cosmetic reasons, the procedure may also be performed to improve vision in older individuals.

The procedure eliminates excess, fat, skin and tissue from the upper eyelid or the lower eyelid or both.

The Blepharoplasty Procedure

The surgeon will, first of all, demarcate the eye region which requires alteration. The surgeon will then administer anesthesia or sedation to prevent pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Incisions will then be made along the natural lines of the eyes or on the inner side. The surgeon will then remove the excess fat, skin, or tissue and with the help of fine sutures, the surgeon will close the incisions to prevent scarring.

A surgeon’s expertise helps the patient to experience no scarring and as well attain natural results.

Types of Blepharoplasty

The Blepharoplasty surgeries can be categorized into three procedures;

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery
    The upper eyelid surgery is mostly performed on the elderly and during this procedure, the surgeon aims at correcting the eye’s functionality due to the effects of aging that cause the upper eyelid to lose its elasticity hence droopy effect.
  • Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
    This procedure is performed on the lower eyelid in order to reduce the bags under the eyes. This procedure will also help improve the wrinkles around the eye.
  • The Double Eyelid Surgery
    It is performed to create a crease in the upper eyelid to create the appearance of a double lid.


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What should be done before the surgery?

An individual ought to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. During the consultation, one’s medical history and current status are questioned. It is vital that you interact with the surgeon fully to avoid being misinformed. Those who shouldn’t under a Blepharoplasty Surgery in India are;

  • Smokers
  • Those with various eye problems/diseases like cataract or glaucoma
  • Those with poor general health or eye health

For clear evaluation, a patient may have to undergo extensive clinical tests to check your blood sugar levels and heart function.

It is vital to follow the surgeon’s Do’s and Don’ts prior to the surgery.

What happens after the Blepharoplasty surgery?

Since it is a surgical procedure, you will experience bruising, swelling, redness, and slight pain which must fade with time. Cold compresses can be utilized to control swelling and bruising.

Prescribed medications must be taken as recommended to prevent infections and control pain.

What could be the Cost of a Blepharoplasty surgery in India?

In case considering a Blepharoplasty procedure, your surgical objectives and type will determine your Blepharoplasty Surgery Cost in India. Our cosmetic surgery clinic offers multiple chances for affordable Blepharoplasty procedures.

Possible Risks & Complications of Blepharoplasty

In case performed by an experienced surgeon, a patient shouldn’t worry about anything, however, possible risks and complications include;

  • Ectropion
  • Scarring
  • Expensive
  • Dryness and irritation of the eyes
  • It may require you more time to realize the benefits