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Are PRP Injections 100% Safe?

Are PRP Injections 100% Safe?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is currently an ideal treatment for hair loss. The PRP therapy simply requires your own blood to be extracted from your body and then spun in the laboratory (centrifugation) to attain the concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma solution, which is injected back into a patient’s scalp to re-grow, boost, or improve the hair health.

Just as you are aware that PRP therapy was initially utilized in treating Osteoarthritis before scientists introduced it in the hair restoration field, there are ongoing studies regarding the treatment. There aren’t any major drawbacks of PRP Therapy in India and that renders the treatment safe.

As per the hair restoration field, PRP therapy is considered safe with a 95% reduced chances of infections, this is because a patient’s own blood is drawn from his or her body, prepared under an excellent mechanized effect and then injected into the scalp after cleaning the region with a specialized agent. The possible side effects of treatment include;

  • Redness

  • Minor bleeding

  • Scalp tightness

  • Minor pain.

  • Discomfort

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