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Belly Button Shaping- A New Trend for a Fabulous Body Shade

Belly Button Shaping- A New Trend for a Fabulous Body Shade

Celebrities, models, and other patients are currently showing more interest in the latest sculpting cosmetic surgery. Rather than showcasing bulging tummies, this advanced technique reshapes one’s belly to a sheet size.

Surgical approaches include umbilicoplasty and umbilical hernia repair The umbilicoplasty literally means altering the shape and/or the size of the belly button, depending on the patient’s desires. The normal belly structure is at times altered by excessive weight gain or pregnancy that enlarge the belly button.

On the other hand, the umbilical hernia repair involves changing an outie into an innie or simply adjusting the shape of the belly by moving it inwards. This surgical approach is commonly performed on patients whose bellies protrude outside. At our liposuction surgery centre, this surgery is performed by making an incision at the base of the belly button where the surgeon alters the belly shape by pushing back the fatty tissue.

The procedure can also be performed with liposuction in which the fat is excluded through a specialized instrument. At the end of the procedure, the surgeon will strengthen the abdominal walls and the muscles to provide a flat belly.

Considering the various patient desires, a portfolio of pictures is considered from which a patient can select a belly structure that matches her career like modeling or otherwise.

This latest approach was formerly known as umbilicoplasty, but due to technology upgrades, the procedure has been generally improved to offer efficacy without triggering complications.

Undergoing this procedure requires a medical examination and in the case considering to become a mother in the future, the surgeon may provide better options to attain the desired results.

Women of all age groups are candidates, but you must generally be healthy and a nonsmoker.

Possible side effects may be scarring, but through a surgeon’s expertize, the incision is minimized to provide aesthetic results. Antibiotics before and after the procedure eliminate any risk of infection. Consider an advanced centre for the procedure.

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