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Can Typhoid Fever Or It’s Treatment Trigger Hair loss?

Can Typhoid Fever Or It’s Treatment Trigger Hair loss?

There are numerous causes of hair loss, but typhoid fever’s effect on hair lacks enough studies and research. According to the hair transplant specialist in India, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Typhoid fever, and its treatment can be 100% blamed for hair loss in a patient. Typhoid fever is one of the commonest diseases in both children and adults that is led by poor hygiene at home. A bacteria known as Salmonella paratyphi causes typhoid fever through water and food that is consumed in case poorly prepared or kept.

To be sure, one ought to receive a proper diagnosis and ascertain the cause of hair loss after which one can obtain hair loss treatment. Much as the link between your hair and typhoid is minor, your doctor will help you uncover any connection between the factors. While typhoid is commonly treated using antibiotics, your doctor may recommend Rogaine or Finasteride as your hair loss treatment in India. Also, the stress that occurs during the sickness may have triggered hair loss, but not the disease itself.

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