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How hard is it to forget about Burgers, Coke, & KFC Chicken Post Liposuction

How hard is it to forget about Burgers, Coke, & KFC Chicken Post Liposuction

Since you desired a perfect body contour, you must have undergone a common cosmetic surgery known as Liposuction. The Lipo technique offered excellent results by eliminating the excess fat from your tummy region, thighs, or love handles among other body regions

Initially, you were totally enthusiastic about the entire procedure, but now, you are perplexed about your diet post liposuction. However, much as you will have a restricted diet post a Liposuction Surgery in India, it will only be for a limited period, but that does permit you to consume everything in the long run. Here are the foods you must restrain from post Liposuction

  • Saturated Fats (Bad Fats)

Saturated fats are commonly found in foods like french fries, meat, deep fried chicken and any fast foods. These saturated fats are the leading reasons as to why millions gain weight and love handles. The best cosmetic surgeon recommends a fat-free diet and all these foods must not be consumed during recovery

  • Sugary Foods

A given amount of sugars is recommended for proper body function, but excessive consumption of sugary foods will leave you battling from various medical conditions including weight gain. Consuming sugary foods post liposuction impedes the recovery process which may disrupt your results

  • Alcohol & Smoking

Smoking itself is prohibited post any surgery. Much as you may also desire to take some alcohol, it may ruin your Lipo results. In addition, you should wait a little longer before embarking on wine

  • Salty foods

Research shows that high levels of sodium post surgery increase one’s chances of developing an inflammation. Likewise, this isn’t approved post liposuction since it may lead to complications and interfere with your recovery

What to Eat Post Liposuction

Your surgeon will automatically recommend various foods to be consumed during recovery, but our surgeon provides the best foods here;

  • Green Leafy Vegetables & Other vegetables

When your friend or caretaker goes for groceries, encourage him or her to turn up with a plenty of them. These provided the desired fats, proteins, iron among others that will render your recovery safe

  • Fruits

Well, whether fresh fruits or dried fruits will offer excellent goals in providing the required sugars in the body and acid. Above all, incorporate these into your regular meals;

  • Fish

  • Lean meats

  • Whole grains

  • Garlic Cloves

  • Onions

  • Fresh juice and Clean Water

Rather than alcohol or any other processed drinks, opt for a glass of fresh juice or water. Water or fresh juice is considered safe post any surgery

When do I return to my favorite dishes?

In this case, the kind of favorite dish should give you a question. Much as a liposuction procedure is considered to be an excellent cosmetic surgery in India to attain a perfect body contour, you are recommended to regulate the amounts of fats and sugars consumed.

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