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Know some options for Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in India

Know some options for Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in India

Abdominoplasty in India is emerging as the preferred treatment to have the former and contoured tummy as it is a very effective treatment that can help the person to have the tight skin and muscles of the abdomen along with the removal of extra fat so with this procedure patient can have a flat tummy.

It is the surgical method that helps the patients to get rid of extra fat and skin sagging of abdomen that is why it is also known as tummy tuck procedure.  Let us understand something more about this procedure

What is the abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) procedure?

It is completely the individualized treatment means depending on the needs and expectations of the individual the procedure is framed. Even as per the expectations of the patient the surgery hours can differ. An individual case of the patient can affect the decision of a doctor to conduct the surgery inpatient or outpatient. But if we talk about on a general basis then it is the surgical method to get the perfect shape and tighter tummy.

This procedure is done under the general anesthesia so that you could sleep during the surgery and cannot feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. For taking the tummy tuck surgery patient may have the following options:

·        Complete abdominoplasty

Complete abdominoplasty in India

It is the option for patients that need the most correction of their tummies. During this type of surgery, the incision is made low on the abdomen at the equal level of the pubic hair or just above the bikini line. Even in simple words incision is made hip bone of front to hip bone. Then the surgeon shapes up your abdominal skin and muscles as per requirement. Sometimes during this surgery incision is also made around the belly button as it is important to free your navel from the surrounding tissue of your skin. After the completion of surgery drainage tubes are placed beneath the skin and are recovered after a few days of the surgery.

·        Partial or mini abdominoplasty

Partial or mini abdominoplasty in India

It is the type of surgery which is recommended to the patient having a lesser correction of tummy. This type of surgery is done with the shorter incisions and is generally recommended to the patients who have the fat deposit below the belly button or navel. In this surgery, the belly button is not corrected just the skin is separated between the line of incision and belly button. Even this mini-abdominoplasty surgery is done with the endoscope which is the long tube with a small attached camera. After the completion of this surgery, the patient may have the drainage tubes that are removed after some days.

·        Circumferential abdominoplasty

Circumferential abdominoplasty in India

This surgery is recommended to the patient that needs the correction in some part of the abdomen and also in the back area. Thus, in this type of surgery excess fat deposit of abdomen and back area is removed. During the surgery extra skin and fat has been removed from the hip and back area along with the abdomen.  Liposuction can also work for such cases of fat deposit.

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