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Lauren Goodger Flaunts her Slimmer Body After Liposuction

Lauren Goodger Flaunts her Slimmer Body After Liposuction

She had earlier on considered drastic measures to lose over 12 pounds in the past years. And now, Lauren has come out to clarify how hard it was for her to appear to the public with her over-sized body. The 30-year-old TV personality explained that being a celebrity is hard, and to her, it was wrecking her heart as she watched her body become fatter and fatter.

In the new pics, Lauren looks fabulous, thanks to the liposuction procedure she underwent to eliminate the love handles and the bumps she had. The star explained that apart from her weight loss exercises, liposuction topped the list as she now weighs lesser than she had ever imagined.

Recently spotted in a pair of Adidas ensemble, the star looked amazing as her perfect shape explicitly revealed every corner of her new body. The greatest achievement in life also triggered her to release a DVD of her fitness exercises she desires no one to lag behind. The star revealed how hard she had to exercise in order to keep in shape prior to TOMIE filming.

Tips for keeping in shape after Liposuction

  • Focus on your diet

  • Exercise regularly

  • Hit the gym if possible

  • Live an active life

  • Get Enough Sleep

  • Drink more water

  • Fruits & Vegetables should become part of you

  • Pay more attention to your health

  • Don’t stress

  • Organic supplements are better

Liposuction is a common plastic/cosmetic procedure performed today with an aim of getting a perfect shape with less effort. The procedures may focus on specific body parts such as the arms, the legs, the belly, and the facial regions.

Liposuction is completely different from the Bariatric surgery since the latter focuses on the stomach region and specifically conducted on obese patients

The Liposuction procedure uses simple tools to melt and suck out the fat. Skin tightening may be conducted depending on the patient’s body to attain better results. The surgical procedure when applied to laser approaches results in excellent results as it stimulates collagen production necessary for keeping the skin firm and youthful.

Many patients worry about returning to their original size after a year of undergoing liposuction, but the doctor’s guidelines are vital in keeping your body in shape. The above-mentioned tips are effective for eliminating stubborn fat.

Considerations before the surgery are necessary depending on the amount of fat and the areas to be treated. Consider an experienced surgeon for the procedure, something that will provide efficacy and eliminate risks.

An effective postoperative period, which requires you to wear compression garments, restraining from strenuous exercises and having healthy meals should be prioritized.

Some women often consider heading to the gym to shape their bums, which is ideally good for the entire body.

Another liposuction approach may involve various procedures such as fat grafting and implantation for a fuller buttock or face. Also, it may include breast augmentation, skin rejuvenation or body contouring.

It is quite important to know that Liposuction doesn’t address obesity and to eliminate it, a patient must consider other approaches. Also, not all fat amounts can be eliminated from liposuction

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