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Body Hair Transplant


In most of the hair transplant procedure, only scalp hair is used for the transplant. But in the most of the hair transplant procedure, most of the patients don’t have the Donor area. In those cases, we use the hairs of the body to be implanted on the head. For instance, beard hairs are used to implant the hairs on the head. Most of the people known with the name of chest hair transplant, it means that chest area is used to serve the donor area. The only difference between the hair and donor area is that the texture and thickness of the hairs are changed.
This is best body hair transplant in India in following cases:

  • When there is limited donor area on the scalp.
  • Sometimes, there may be difficulty in achieving the desire level of the density. In those cases, donor area will be your body.
  • There are some cases in which you are suffering from the case of the burning.
    In the above mentioned areas, we use the hairs from the beards, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, under arm etc. Body hair transplant is usually performed with the FUE procedure. It doesn’t leave any kind of the linear scars after the treatment. Beard hair transplant is most suitable area because its hairs are matched up with the scalp.

Who is the right candidate for the body hair transplant?

  • It is more suitable for those patients who have the weak donor area.
  • It is also more suited with the repeated hair transplants.
  • This is also the ideal solution for the alopecia.
    This is the important fact that patients with the insufficient hairs in the donor area will unsuitable for the normal hair transplant. In this treatment, hairs are extracted by special punches. These special punches leave less visible marks. We are having the expert team of the doctor that doesn’t leave the single linear scar on the scalp of the person. The body hair transplant cost in India is far less than as compared to other countries.

What is the difference between a BHT-FUE and a conventional FUE?

The technique that is used for the body hair transplant is the Follicular unit extraction. In this type of the procedure, donor areas are extracted from the scalp to the other body parts like beard, chest, arms, legs etc.
BHT technique is used when the head area is not suitable for the extraction of the donor material. The different grafts that are taken in the BHT have the different growth cycle. This requires 4 grafts as compared to one scalp grafts.


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What are the important things included in BHT?

In BHT, experience surgeon is required because body hair transplant is different from the scalp hair transplant.

  • There should be proper extraction from the donor hairs, storage and hydration of the extracted grafts.
  • The slits determine the direction of the grafts.
  • This also uses the minimum FTR.
  • This is the careful approach; there is less damage of the grafts.