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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery

Get Better Breasts

In case you find yourself troubled with the size or shape of your breasts the ideal solution is the breast reduction surgery. Much as the surgery is mostly performed for cosmetic reasons, the surgery does also apply for medical reasons. Discomfort, neck pain, back pain, and a poor body contour are some of the negative effects of big breasts in females whereas in male a condition known as Gynecomastia occurs.

What is a Breast Reduction Surgery?

This is a plastic surgery aimed at reducing the size of the breasts. The surgery provides a definite and a desired proportionate of the breasts, hence providing a better body contour.

Planning for a Breast Reduction Surgery

You will first of all have to meet an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery much as the procedure is safe and provides natural and desired results.

A patient’s medical history, as well as the family’s, is discussed and the surgeon may also recommend several blood tests as seen necessary.

During the consultation session, it is also necessary that you expose all the emotional struggles and difficulties that you face with the breasts.

Remember to inform your surgeon in case a lump was once removed from either of your breasts.

You will be asked about your lifestyle, such as whether you smoke or not, the medications you are currently taking, and some common drugs such as tobacco, marijuana, and aspirin.

In case you emerge a candidate for the procedure, the surgeon will ask you to take a mammogram intended to check for any cancer. Your breasts will be examined and photos of them will be taken.


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Preparing for a Breast Reduction Surgery

  • You must have realistic expectations and try to ask your surgeon in case of any doubt. You must be in good physical shape and health before the surgery
  • You will be asked to purchase gauze, a specified ointment, comfortable clothing, and towels.
  • A surgical bra may be recommended

During the Surgery

  • The plan of the Breast Reduction Surgery in India depends on individual situations. It is an outpatient procedure, though some patients may be asked to spend a night at the clinic or hospital for further observations
  • The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and lasts between 3 to 6 hours.
  • The surgeon will then make an incision around the nipple downward on the breast. He will then remove the excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breast and will lastly reposition the nipple.
  • Drainage tubes may be positioned in the breast before it is stitched and gauze applied

After the Procedure

  • Ask a helper to drive you home and it will require a week or two before you return to your former work schedules.
  • Physical exercises aren’t recommended during the recovery period and it is vital that you return to the surgeon as asked to remove the drainages and stitches
  • Painkillers will be provided to reduce pain and antibiotics to prevent infections.
  • Any weird feeling after the procedure is normal
  • Abstain any weight lifting

What’s the Cost of the Surgery in India?

The Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India mainly depends on the complexity of the surgery, but the cost lies between Rs.87, 000 to almost 2 lakh rupees.

Possible Complications & Risks

  • Scarring
  • Infections
  • Failure
  • Unusual discharge