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Dr. VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation centre is a renowned centre with its unique and systematized approaches in service provision and training. Our expert Dr. Vijay Kumar has incorporated various standardized practices to deliver excellent services. With professionalism, we handle various steps using world-class protocols.

Career Guidance at our centre

The cosmetology field encompasses various treatments and procedures that require regular you to be updated due to the fact that various practices are frequently being introduced. Traditional procedures are being refined or scrapped from the medical calendars due to the fact that they are invasive and offer less or no natural results

With technological advancements, we guide students to the currently performed practices that are completely desired and indicate a higher demand in the future. Procedures like Laser practices that have currently conquered the cosmetic sector due to their wide application require excellent training to deliver natural results.

Nevertheless, various cosmetic procedures and being improved with the help of advanced instruments that provide excellent results. With that, we are fully aware of the future demands in the cosmetology sector and are determined to help you attain the best foundation for your career. We provide;

  • Systematized services
  • Friendly environment
  • Professionalism at every step
  • A hygienic environment

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