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Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant – Beard, Moustache and Eyebrow

Individuals who undergo for the facial hair transplant in India, generally are those people who have lost their hair due to the certain conditions. The conditions would be:

  • There may be scars due to accidents or any surgical procedures.
  • Sometimes medical conditions like cancers also lead to the problem of the hair loss.
  • Traction alopecia is the pulling of the hairs disease, this will also weaken the various hair follicles.
  • There would be the long-standing condition of the Alopecia Areata.

Define facial hair transplant?

Any facial hairs like eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, and beard are considered for the facial hair transplant. If someone is facing the thinning of the hairs, then the facial hair transplant is the suitable answers

Who is the right candidate for the facial hair transplant?

  • Someone, who wants to attain the symmetry in their face,
  • Someone, who wants to hide their different kinds of the marks, the marks include the birthmarks, acne or the injury scars.
  • Someone wants to increase or adjust the size of the eyebrows, moustache or beard.
  • If someone wants to change the shape of the eyebrows, moustache or the beard.
  • If someone is covering is the part of the face that is badly injured.

Who is the healthy candidate for the facial hair transplant?

  • Individuals who are physically healthy and have the sound mind.
  • An individual who knows all the good and the bad points of the facial hair transplant.
  • Individual who is ready to accept the final results? In some cases, there may not be the same results as it was expected before.
  • A person who is not suffering from the serious health issues.


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How is the facial hair transplant performed?

  • The Facial hair transplant cost in India is far less than its cost in other countries. The procedure is simple.
  • This surgery is the minimum invasive.
  • In the first step, hair will be removed from the back. There are two techniques named
  • FUE and FUT are used to extract the hair follicles
  • Then the affected area will be demarcated in advance.
  • Then grafts are implanted in the demarcated area.

What are the different types of the facial hair transplant?

Facial hair transplant for eye-brow: Eyebrows are the most highlighting part of the face. Its symmetry is more important. Its structure, density, and size are equally important. If you want to increase the size or length of the eyebrows, this technique is the best solution for this.
Facial hair transplant for moustache: there are the very few people who have little growth of the moustache. This is due to the problem of the genetics, illness or the hormonal changes. There are certain problems like cleft lip, accidents or illness such as cancer also leads to less or no moustache. With the facial hair transplant, one can enjoy the full and thick moustache.
Facial hair transplant for the beard: most of the men don’t have the full-fledged beard. Some persons have the irregular or the sparse beard. Some persons have the bald patches on the beard area.