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1. What is Hair Multiplication?

Hair multiplication is a technical in-lab procedure where follicular germinative cells are cultured outside the body and then implanted in the patient’s bald region. The procedure of hair multiplication takes its root from what is scientifically termed as hair cloning. Ongoing studies are being carried out to address various limitations of hair cloning, including trials with Acell MatriStem.

Hair cloning is currently a promising means of treating various hair loss forms, especially androgenetic hair loss. However, the technology of hair cloning isn’t widely performed in hair transplant centres due to its technological requirements.

What is the best Affordable Hair Restoration procedure?

The affordability of any hair restoration procedure depends on the hair to be transplanted. Minoxidil, Finasteride, or any hair product can offer excellent results in case of minor thinning whereas hair transplant procedures are ideal in the case of extreme hair loss.
Much as it is recommended that you make a survey in order to access an advanced hair transplant centre with the best prices, the hair restoration cost is greatly influenced by the type of hair restoration suitable to eliminate your bald patches.

FUE vs FUT, Which one should I go in for?

The Follicular Unit Extraction offers its own advantages over the FUT such as no sutures, no plugs and as well minimally invasive. The Follicular Unit Transplantation is ideal for transplanting a large number of hair follicles. Whichever way, a consultation with an experienced surgeon can provide more insight into any hair transplant technique desired. This will automatically be followed by the various considerations such as the level of baldness, possible donor regions, expectations, and the possible results.
Let the hair transplant surgeon help you select the best technique.

For how long can I expect to see permanent hair after a hair transplant?

The human hair has a cycle characterized by at least 3 phases. Much as there is a specified length of time that one’s hair must spend in each phase, the rate of hair growth in every individual occurs differently.
Depending on the length of your hair cycle, you will grow new hair with time.

After the hair transplant, shedding of the transplanted hair will occur. From that period, the growth of new hair is facilitated and it is expected to grow continuously until it covers the whole bald region.

Which Hair Transplant centre is ideal for hair transplantation?

There are many hair transplant centres located in the different countries, states, and cities all over the world. Luckily, India is one of the top destinations for medical solutions including hair transplantation. Dr. VJ’s hair transplant centre is an advanced hair transplant centre, ideal for all kinds of hair transplant procedures as well as cosmetic surgeries.
Our highly experienced surgeon highly coordinates with his trained team to produce natural results.