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FUT is the surgical hair restoration technique. It is different in the manner of the harvesting. In the FUT, the strip of the skin is 2cm wide while in FUE, minutes punches are used to extract the follicles manually or mechanically. FUE has the long learning curve. FUE needs the long period of time in learning. In this technique, most of the dermatologist uses the high magnification. You have to sit for long hours in the difficult postures. This is not only the lucrative dermatology but it requires the complete sacrifice of the time and the attention. FUT procedures, there is a lot of the free time. You can consult the best dermatologist for the FUE hair transplant in India and enjoy the excellent results.

What is the main difference between FUE and FUT technique?

Following are the 5 difference between the FUE and the FUT hair restoration technique:

  • Scars difference: There are great numbers of the scars in both the cases. Both the surgeries are performed passionately.
  • The difference in invasive technique: The FUE technique is minimum invasive. So, it is the faster and less downtime is required.
  • Golden harvest: Anagen Selective Harvest or the “Golden Harvest are used to pick the most robust grafts for the better result.
  • Limitless donor site: The donor site is limitless.
  • Dormant hair: Dormant hair is the resting phase and has been lost in the FUT

What are the misconceptions about the FUE technique?

  • The first misconception is that there is no scar.
  • The second misconception about the FUE treatment is that it will provide the better density as compared to other techniques.
  • The third misconception is that it can be performed by the novice if they will use the particular machine properly.


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What are the principles of the various steps in the procedure?

FUE is the technique of the harvesting the follicular units. It ranges in size from 0.65 to 0.85 mm in internal diameter. In this technique, robotic technique is used. This is the slow pace treatment that only harvests 500 to 800 grafts in the 8 hours of the sessions. In the FUT procedure, the whole of the procedure is same as the FUE but the method of the harvesting is different. You can consult the best dermatologist for the FUT hair transplant in India

What are the various complications that are associated with the hair transplant procedures?

There are not much of the side effects are involved in this but in the hands of the inexpert surgeon, this will create the problem.

What are the indications for FUE?

All the patients who are the candidate for the FUT but also the candidate for the FUE. But FUE has also widened the horizon of the surgical hair restoration.

What is the Golden harvest?

Golden harvest is commonly known as Anagen selective Harvest. Anagen selective Harvest is the technique to grow the hairs faster. Density obtained in the FUT treatment is far less than the Golden harvest procedure.