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Giga sessions

Giga Sessions

Hair loss is the common problem among both genders. Both are finding the instant and the quick way to solve their hair loss problem. Thanks to the Giga session hair transplant in India, this will provide you the best, a quick and permanent solution to the hair loss problem. If the hair loss is extensive, then the one or two sessions are not enough. Then you need the procedure that will cover the whole head in the less amount of the time.

What is Gig session hair transplant?

There are actually two situations in this:

  • Mega Session Hair transplant: This is the combination of the follicular unit extraction from the body and the scalp. In not only performed in the scalp but also from the beard, chest one session, there is the extraction of 4000 to 4200 grafts. Extraction is and the legs. The whole of the decision is laid in the donor area.
  • Giga session hair transplant: it is the combination of follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant.

Factors that decide the requirement of the Giga session:

Following are the factors that will decide whether Giga session is required or not:

  • If you have the good enough supply of the grafts, then you are the suitable candidate for the Giga sessions.
  • Your surgeon and his team have the capability to complete the procedure. Then they properly perform the Giga sessions.
  • The capability of the dissector must be high. It must be more than 300 follicles per hour. If the individual is having this capability, then that person is suitable for the Giga sessions.
  • The capability of the implanter must be more than 400 grafts per hour.


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How is the Giga session performed?

Giga session is the combination of the follicular unit transplant and the follicular unit extraction. This is performed when there is the requirement for more than 5000 grafts. In this technique, the entire strip of the hair is removed. We only extract the required numbers of the grafts. In this technique, we are sure that only required grafts are extracted. Most of the Giga sessions are completed in sessions.

What are the various advantages of the Giga session hair transplant?

Following are the various advantages of the Giga session:

  • Giga session is performed in the two sessions.
  • You will get the results almost immediately.
  • Bald spots will be covered in the first sitting. This will definitely enhance and boost up your confidence.
  • The session is the technique that will cover the more head. So, you require the fewer visits to the doctor.
  • Case studies show that Giga sessions are less costly. Giga session hair transplant costs in India is far less than as compared to the other countries.

We have the experienced team of the surgeons. We have the experienced technicians and the fully trained staff. We have the proper protocols for the storage of the grafts and one more thing; we have the well equipped operating rooms, which are highly hygienic.