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Hair Loss In Men

What is Hair loss in men?

There are so many people who are aware that loss of 100 grafts of hair is normal. There are some persons who are aware the normal falling in a day. At last, they are indulged in the severe condition. There are some persons who are suffering from the big bald patch on the top of the head.
Hair loss in men is the critical problem but the diagnosis of which type of problem is experienced by the professional.

What are the common causes of the Hair loss in men?

There are numbers of the causes of the hair loss:

  • The first cause is the improper lifestyle. This involves the unhealthy eating, stress and improper techniques of the hair washing.
  • The second cause of the Hair loss is the imbalance of the Thyroid.
  • Another cause is the physical trauma like some accident and sometimes there may be chemical injuries like acid burn
  • Sometimes, medical treatment like chemotherapy and radiation are responsible for the hair loss.
  • Sometimes, genetic and infectious diseases are responsible for herpes, leprosy, and tuberculosis

Types of the Hair Loss in Men:

Following are the various types of the hair loss

  • Androgenetic Alopecia: This sin is commonly known as male pattern baldness. This is the disease that is quite widespread. In the starting stage, there will be thinning of the hair; this process keeps on going towards the top of the head. This is the genetic disorders and hair follicles are sensitive. In this case, falling out of the hair is gradual and the growth is minimal.
  • Alopecia Areata: this is the autoimmune condition. This cause the small patches on the areas where the hair loss is missing.
    Scarring Alopecia: this happens in the rare cases. In this case, hair follicles are destroyed from within. This type of the problem is diagnosed late and there is less scope of the hair growth.
  • Traction Alopecia: this is the technique in which pulling of hair is involved. But with the passage of the time, hair follicle gets weak. In this case, hair loss is permanent.
  • Trichotillomania: this is the condition in which patient has the urge to pull out the hair. This condition occurs when the person is under stress, this ultimately lead to the bald patches.


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Various methods to treat the hair loss problem:

Hair loss treatment cost in India is much less than the hair loss treatment cost in another country. Following are the methods to treat the hair loss problem

  • Non-surgical methods: if the hair loss is less extensive, then non-surgical treatment would be the best alternative. These treatments include the hair pieces, extensions, patches etc. this includes the Topical therapies like Monoxide or Finasteride.
  • Hair transplant: if you are suffering from male pattern baldness, then hair transplant is the best alternative. In this treatment, the follicular unit is extracted from your head then this is graft is implanted on the suffered area. At last, you will have the full head with hairs.