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Hair Transplantation in Men

Hair Transplantation in Men

A manifold of factors triggers extensive hair loss in men starting from habitual, genetics, hormones, stress, to illness. Losing 50 to 90 hair strands a day is considered normal, but persisting hair loss on a daily basis may point to nearby baldness. Therefore, take immediate action once you realize that you lose hair on a daily basis to be on a safer side.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be described in various definitions, but just as the word sounds, hair loss refers to an unintended or sudden loss of hair from the scalp or any other part of the body where hair must persistently grow. More than 55% of American men suffer from significant hair loss and 85% of them are opting for hair transplantation as a permanent solution for diminished facial appearance.

What is hair transplant?

The modern way of surgically transferring hair from an area of abundance to the thinning or bald region is described as a hair transplant. Specialized tools and instruments such as micropunches and surgical blades are utilized to carefully extract DHT resistant follicular units and implant them in the tiny incisions made in the bald region. A hair transplant requires a systematic and proper evaluation of the scalp by a trained and experienced surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Types of Hair Loss in Men

The generical medical term for hair loss is alopecia and the different types of alopecia are;

  • 1. Androgenetic Alopecia
    This is commonly referred to as Male Pattern Baldness believed to be triggered by genes or occurs due to age. This is the commonest form of hair loss where the male hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) becomes active thereby shortening the hair growth cycle. With time, a man will experience hair thinning on the top, front and the crown region which will culminate into baldness.
  • 2. Alopecia Areata
    Believed to be an autoimmune disorder, alopecia areata causes circular portions to form in specified regions of the scalp or all over the scalp. It is thought that the immune system targets the follicles causing hair to disappear.
  • 3. Telogen Effluvium
    This form of hair loss occurs due to early entry of the hair enters into the telogen phase. This may result from stress, illness, and other factors.


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How Hair Transplantation in men is done

The following aspects are followed before the procedure of hair transplant in men is conducted.

An assessment of the scalp is performed to ascertain the extent of hair loss, the density, hair thickness, the level of baldness, amount of hair follicles desired, and the possible solutions. This will also help you to know your eligibility for a hair transplant.

Extracting Hair Follicles
Overharvestation of the donor region isn’t the best solution to eliminate baldness since it can cause unrealistic results. In addition, the grafts must be extracted with minimum transection and there should be no damage to the donor region.

The quality and the number of hair follicles available will help a man attain a fuller head.

Implanting the Grafts
After the hair follicles are carefully extracted or dissected, they will be meticulously fixed into the tiny incisions made in the bald region. The surgeon at our clinic fixes the grafts carefully to design the scalp and the foreline in a way that gives a natural appearance.

A BIO-FUE procedure can also be considered for more natural and pleasing results.

Cost of Hair Transplant for Men

A number of males have attained hair transplantation procedures for different reasons. When considering a hair transplant, the hair transplant cost in India shouldn’t send you in a dilemma since it is considered friendly and affordable. Your hair loss extent, medications, and clinic visited influence the hair transplant cost.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation

The major goal of hair transplantation is to restore hair, but modern hair transplantation techniques deliver more than just hair;

  • An attractive appearance
  • Youthfulness
  • Fuller head
  • Natural looks
  • A better hair quality in case of BIO-FUE
  • Permanent solution to baldness