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Our Team

Our Incomparable Team

Being an advanced centre has indeed provided a platform for achieving remarkable goals at Dr. VJ’s centre. This has happened over the years with the help of our immensely experienced surgeon, plus a dedicated team. Over the years we have attained success through the following tactics;

Specialized training
Our team of technicians and nurses are uniquely trained at our centre to handle different patients as per the modern medical requirements. This specialized training in the cosmetic and hair transplant field has helped yield a perfect team.

Personalized approach
From the highest rank of authority to the rest of the team, our doctors and nurses handle each patient individually. We follow the patient from the consultation sessions until the end of his or her treatment.

Patients’ monitoring
This is conducted after the surgeries. We monitor patients to provide the necessary care and treatment after every surgical procedure to provide a friendly recovery period.

We understand that your appearance matters and we are ready to provide any kind of help to transform your appearance. Your discussion with the doctors are completely personalized and there isn’t any disclosure to unauthorized individuals.

With that, we intend to gain your trust and help you realize new dreams without any limit. Experience the difference in our centre.