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PRP Therapy


What Is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is the material that is used to promote the healing process when injected. Plasma is the component that is taken from your blood. This contains some special factors or proteins that are responsible for your blood to clot. This also contains the proteins that are responsible for the growth of the cell. In the PRP treatment, plasma is isolating from the blood. PRP injections are used to stimulate your body to grow the new, healthy cells. With the help of these injections, your body tissue will heal faster. You can consult the best Dermatologist for the best PRP therapy in India.

What are the purposes of PRP injections?

There are numbers of the applications in which the PRP injections are used:
Hair loss: most of the dermatologist injects the PRP into your scalp. This will promote the hair growth and prevent the hair loss problem. Most of the research shows that injections are the most effective treatment in treating the androgenic alopecia. This is commonly known with the name of the male pattern baldness.
Tendon injuries:Tendons are the thick bands of the tissues which are connected from muscle to bone. This is used to promote the healing process after the injury. Most of the surgeons use the PRP injections to cure the various chronic diseases like tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis at the ankle, and jumper’s knee, or pain in the patellar tendon in the knee.
Acute injuries:Most of the dermatologist uses this PRP technique to cure the sports injury. This is used to cure the pulled hamstring muscles or knee sprains.
Post-surgical repair:most of the doctors use this PRP technique after surgery to repair a torn tendon.

How do you prepare for PRP injections?

Following are the steps to prepare the PRP injections:

  • PRP injections are injected in the numbers of the ways. Sometimes the topical numbing solution is applied on the scalp.
  • Some dermatologist adds local anesthetic with PRP. This is done to reduce the discomfort after the surgery


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PRP injection process

Following is the detail process of the PRP:

  • 1. First of all, your dermatologist will take the sample of the blood. The amount of the blood is dependent upon the PRP sample to be injected. This is usually 20 milliliters.
  • 2. In the second step, your blood is placed into the centrifuge. This is the device that fastly moves your blood sample and separates all the components of the blood. The separation of blood components will take the 15 minutes.
  • 3. Then dermatologist will take the separate plasma and then it is injected into the affected area.
  • 4. Your doctor will use the ultrasound technique to inject the plasma into the scalp.

How much does PRP cost?

The PRP therapy cost in India is far less than the cost in other countries. It cost is $900 for the one session and it can go to the 3 to 4 sessions. A number of the session is dependent upon the requirements of the patient. Usually, full set cost is $2500