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Revision Hair Transplant


Revision hair transplant is the technique to rectify the earlier done procedure. There are the numbers of the reasons in which case the need of the revision hair transplant is required. You can consult the best dermatologist for the best revision hair transplant in India. The revision hair transplant cost in India is far less than the cost in other countries.

What are the reasons of the revision hair transplant?

  • The first reason is that if the surgery is performed by the novice surgeon.
  • If your surgeon places your hairline in the 2s and3s.
  • If your surgeon has mistakenly plucked the grafts deeply.
  • If there is wide and the ugly FUT scar.
  • If the hairline is too low or symmetric.
  • Sometimes temple points have been sited unnaturally.
  • Sometimes, there is the poor growth of the planted grafts.
  • Sometimes, hair growth is in the wrong direction.
  • Plantation of the hair in the areas where it looks unnatural. Plantation also include the filling of the crown area with the beard hair which looks so much unnatural

What are the common causes of the poor results?

Donor harvesting: the safe area contains the one-fifth of the total hairs in the scalp. In the FUE treatment, there is fixed number of the reserve hair follicles for the transplantation. In the FUE treatment, there are the exact numbers of the grafts that are harvested over the life. This will also vary from patient to the patient. When there is happening of the thinning of the hairs. Then the patient-donor region has the less follicular density.

Visible scaring: There is the misconception that FUE is the scar less technique. In case of the darker skin, there are more chances to develop the small areas of the hypopigmentation.


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Scaring mostly occurs in the following cases;

  • FUE harvesting system is of the variable quality.
  • Is the punch are too close, this leads to the Coalescence of the adjacent holes. For instance, two 0.9mm holes can create at least around a 2 m wide scar. This cannot be visible with naked eyes.
  • Sometimes oval-shaped incision also creates the scars.
  • An abrupt transition between the harvested and the non-harvested areas can lead to the problem of the scaring.

What are the various ways to improve this technique?

  • Select the proper harvesting method: This is the essential condition that punches should be chosen in such a way that harvesting should be based on the size of the follicular grouping.
  • Invest in the good quality system: Always try to invest in the good quality of the harvesting system. A good system must be simple, requires the economically viable maintenance, affordable.
  • Keep only one follicular unit: Always keep the one follicular unit between the harvest sites.
  • Apply cephalad force: Application of a cephalad force to the donor harvesting will reduce the acute angle of entry by the punch.