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Why Dr. VJ?

Why Dr. VJ?

Emerging as a renowned cosmetic surgeon is more than just being a surgeon. Dr. Vijay Kumar has dedicated his life to transform every individual’s appearance using the advanced and minimally invasive techniques approved by FDA. With the standardized experience and professionalism that he earned during his training in Chicago and Vienna, he has remained at the top in the cosmetic and hair transplant field.

What to expect from our Surgeon

A mere consultation with our professional surgeon will help you gain more insight about your condition because our surgeon is;

  • Highly qualified
    Dr. Vijay Kumar holds an M.D, D.G.O, F.A. I.M.S: F.I.C.S (Chicago) and M.A.M.S (Vienna). Apart from that, he has conducted various studies, research, and training to attain more information about his area of specialization.
  • Vastly Experienced
    Dr. VJ has conducted various cosmetic and hair transplant surgeries for more than 30 years. He has worked on all sorts of complicated surgeries and attained the best possible results.
  • Professional Approach
    Dr. VJ utilizes a professional approach while interacting with his patients. He provides every detail about the best procedures and treatments for a patient and goes ahead to discuss the pros and cons of every treatment/procedure.
  • Artistic Surgeon
    The field of cosmetology and hair transplantation requires modern artistic skills to attain the best results possible in every patient. It requires designing the scalp (hair transplantation) whereas the cosmetic procedures require discerning every step before it is finally conducted.
  • Compassionate, Friendly, & Understanding
    Dr. Vijay Kumar is absolutely the best doctor/surgeon for any body contouring procedure you may desire. The surgeon has a sense of humor and is completely aware of various battles experienced in case of deformities. Let the best surgeon help you out.
  • Friendly Prices
    All our procedures and treatments plus services are charged at the best prices possible. There are no extra charges and we assure you that you won’t find quality services at the same prices anywhere else except at our clinic.