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BIO-FUE Hair Transplant


What is Bio-FUE?

Bio FUE is the trademark procedures that are mostly developed by the clinics itself. This is the long-term customized plan for the hair restoration. This plan is based on the conditions like hair loss is the progressive condition and different patients have the different pattern of the hair loss. In this technique, hair follicles are grafted by the special technique. This technique is used to make the hairs stronger, longer and the healthier. We are providing the best Bio FUE hair transplant in India. The Bio FUE hair transplant cost in India is far less than the cost of the other countries.

How is the local anesthesia different from the Bio-FUE?

Local anesthesia is used to block the various sensations of the pain on the scalp of the persons. This is performed by directly applying the anesthesia or your surgeon will directly inject into the skin.

What is virtually pain-free Local anesthesia?

  • In the first phase, we apply the anesthetic gel on the scalp for at least 40 minutes.
  • Then we use the thin needles and the vibrator on the area to make it virtual pain-free.

How is the slit making process different in the BIO-FUE?

Slit making is the procedure of making the space on the head of the person. Then grafts will be implanted in the slit space. Usually, slits are of different size and depth also leads to the uneven level of growth.


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How are the extractions of grafts different from the Bio-FUE?

Extraction is the removal of the grafts from the back side of the scalps.
Sharp punches are used to extract the grafts. In this, punches are going deeper into the soft tissues. This is done to make the unit lose and at last, it is removed.

  • Safe Donor area: In this, our best surgeon’s extract the best donor area with the help of the special kinds of the Flat punches. This is the horse shoe shaped area on the backside of the head. This is not affected by the DHT hormones.
  • Flat punch: it is the specially designed punch that is developed by the expert doctors. This reduces the wastage at the time of extraction.
  • Zigzag Extraction: this type of the extraction is performed in the zig zag manner. Two consecutive grafts are not extracted.

How is implantation different in Bio-FUE?

Implantation is the process of putting back the extracted grafts into the scalp. Grafts are usually implanted into the slit of the bald area. Grafts are stored in the storage solution while the extraction is performed.

How is the Bio-therapy different in the Bio FUE technique?

Bio therapy is the unique process of doing the PRP treatment.
Steps of Bio Therapy
Step-1: in the first step, blood is drawn from the body and sends it to the centrifuge tubes.
Step-2: in the step, blood is spun in the centrifuge and this will separate all the blood components.
Step-3: in this step, Platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp area.
Step-4: This injection will affect the growth of the serum which ultimately leads to the growth of the hairs.