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Hair Transplant Cost In India

Hair Transplant Cost in India

Hair Transplant Cost in India – Price Puzzles

Now that you are determined to undergo a hair transplant in India, there is another obstacle that you have to deal with. This is none other than the cost of hair transplantation. Regardless of the type of hair transplant procedure to undergo, the hair transplant cost is remarkably expensive to 80% of hair loss sufferers. This imposes stress on an individual as you search for a low-cost hair transplant without compromising with the natural looks.

An Overview of the hair transplantation cost in India

The following cost table is just an estimated cost of your would-be hair transplant cost, but shouldn’t be perceived as the exact cost.

No. of Follicular Units FUE/FUT Starting Rate FUE/FUT Max. Rate No. of Sittings
1000 & Below 30,000 61000 1
1010 to 1600 32,000 66,000 1
1700 to 2000 60,000 90,000 1
2000 to 3000 62,000 143,000 1
4000 to 5000 120,000 230,000 1 to 2
6000 to 7000 210,000 355,000 1 to 2
7000 & Above 350,000 Depending on the surgery plan Depending on the surgery plan

Considerations of the Procedure (Cost Wise)

  • The Technique
    In general terms, the Sfollicular Unit Extraction procedure is more expensive than the Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure. This is due to the expertise required and the extraction means.
  • Number of Grafts
    Extracting individual grafts from the donor region of the scalp or the body is more costly compared to removing a strip of hair from the donor region, which is later on dissected in the laboratory to achieve individual hair follicles.
  • The Clinic
    There are hundreds of hair transplant centres in India and worldwide, each with its own terms and conditions, prominence, and technology used. Advanced and renowned hair transplant centres tend to charge more money due to their services, attention, care, and treatment provided.
  • The type of Procedure
    This includes the surgical plan (one or more sittings) and a whether body hair transplant procedure or otherwise. Generally, body hair transplant procedures that involve implanting hair on the body (beards, chest, mustache) and so on require more cash at hand.
  • The Surgeon
    A renowned surgeon means that his skills are incomparable. A patient will be more assured that he or she will achieve natural results than when he or she opts for another surgeon.
  • The level of baldness
    The bigger the bald region, the more hair follicles and time required to restore the hair. Bigger balds like level 6 and 7 automatically require Mega or Giga sessions as well as more time.


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How to reduce a hair transplant cost

In reality, there are no obvious means of reducing one’s hair transplant cost in India. A reduction in cost may arise due to seasonal offers, plus the terms and conditions of the centre.

In other cases, a hair transplant centre may offer free re-surgery in case of mistakes from the surgeon’s side.

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