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Lip Correction


This is an amazing fact that Full and the plump lips are always sexy. But it has their own limits. If the lips are larger than the average lips, then it will appear out of the proportion. This will also create the problem in eating, drinking and the speaking. If you think that your lips are too much large, then lip correction surgery in India is the right solution.
Lip correction surgery is the permanent solution in reducing and enlarging the lips.


  • Lip correction procedure is usually performed by using the local or the regional anesthesia. Sometimes, oral sedation is also used.
  • This procedure is generally performed in the surgeon office.
  • It will take about one hour to complete the procedure.
  • In the lip reduction surgery, there is an incision along the length of your lip. This is usually done inside of the mouth.
  • After that, your surgeon will remove the strip of tissue before the incision is closed.
  • This surgery is done on both upper and lower lips simultaneously.

What is the lip reduction recovery?

  • After the surgery, you will feel sore and the tight lips.
  • For the few days, you will feel both kinds of the pain. Sometimes, you will feel mild pain while sometimes, you feel a severe pain.
  • We will prescribe you the best painkillers that will free you the discomfort.
  • We will provide the guidelines when will you start your normal activities.
  • You will also refrain the vigorous exercise for sometimes.
  • You will also have to sleep with two pillows in order to keep your head elevated.
  • You will have to avoid some high acids foods like oranges and tomatoes.
  • You will have to consume the soft and the pureed food for some days.
  • You have to rinse your mouth with the antiseptic mouthwash. This will help to prevent the infection.
  • If there is the excessive pain, redness, and pus around the incision. This will be the symbol of the infection.
  • Your sutures will be removed after 10 days.


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What are the risks associated with the Lip correction surgery?

There are the numbers of the risks that are associated with lip correction surgery. Following are the risks:

  • Asymmetry: Sometimes there will asymmetry with upper and the lower lips. This is due to the inexperienced surgeon. We have the experienced and expert team who are efficient in their tasks.
  • Numbness: some patients feel numbness, but this is temporary. This will be curable with the passage of the time.
  • Lumps and excess scar tissue in lips: some patients feel lumps and excess scar tissue on the lips.
  • Dissatisfaction with the cosmetic results: some patients are dissatisfied with the cosmetic results.

How Much Does Lip Reduction Cost?

The cost of the Lip correction surgery can range from $1500 to $4000. The lip correction surgery cost in India is far less than the cost in the other countries. Lip correction surgery cost includes:

  • Surgeon fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Operating facility fee
  • Medications
  • Bandages