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Varicose Veins

Varicose Vein

Treatment, Surgery & Vital Considerations

Due to the fact that varicose veins are painless in the early stages, they are at times neglected by hundreds of victims. The Varicose vein problem is one of the commonest occurrences in both males and females and the physical problem is present in about 45% and 30% respectively.

Understanding Veins & Varicose veins

Veins are bloodstreams (vessels) in our body responsible for carrying de-oxygenated blood to the heart. The venous system is comprised of different kinds of veins such as;

  • Superficial Veins
    The superficial veins are located just beneath the skin and they tend to be visible in some skinny or thin individuals.
  • Deep Veins
    These are deep to the muscles and are never visible. The link between these deep veins and the superficial veins is called the Perforators.

Any obstacle to the proper functioning of the veins will cause various symptoms among which is the presence of varicose veins.

Varicose veins are dilated, swollen, and twisted veins that are often blue or purple in color. These veins commonly appear on the legs and the thighs.

What could be the cause of varicose veins

The cause of varicose veins in individuals varies widely, but they appear when faulty valves in the veins allow blood to flow in the wrong direction. Some of the major causes of the veins are;

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Age (Above 50)
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Prolonged standing or sitting
  • Menopause


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Difference between Varicose Veins & Spider Veins

Spider veins are smaller when compared to varicose veins. These can appear on the skin’s surface and take the form of a spider web in appearance.

Spider veins are a bit cluttered and short. They can be easily eliminated compared to varicose veins.

Varicose vein Treatment

The numerous forms of varicose vein treatment are selected after clinical tests and an evaluation by a specialized doctor. A duplex ultrasound is one way of diagnosing varicose veins despite the prevailing varicose veins symptoms such as;

  • Cramping
  • Aching
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue

Untreated varicose veins can cause various complications, including life-threatening diseases. Possible Treatments include;

The surgical removal of varicose veins is performed in the presence of large veins or those that have failed to respond to any other treatment course. A Varicose Veins Surgery in India commonly described as Ligation and Stripping. This kind of surgery is very complex and may take more hours or even hospitalization for close observation though some patients are discharged on the same day after the surgery.

During this procedure, the affected vein or veins is ligated at one end and then pulled out on the other end after which the veins are closed.

Conservative Treatment Approaches
These conservative treatments include compression stockings, weight reduction, exercises, oral medications, and exercises. These are recommended in the case of smaller veins and those that impose no risks.

This is one of the commonest means of varicose veins treatment worldwide. During this treatment, the affected vein is injected with sclerosing drugs to correct the dilated veins.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELT)
It is a minimally invasive ultrasound-guided procedure where a laser energy is introduced into the affected vein to correct it without causing undesired effects. It is absolutely effective and one of the commonly used procedure for Varicose vein treatment.

What Could be the Cost of Varicose Vein Treatment

The cost is largely influenced by the type of treatment sought. However, the Varicose Veins Surgery Cost in India is considered more costly, especially in the presence of more twisted veins.

Seek varicose vein treatment from an advanced centre to prevent complications and risks that may result from poor treatment procedures.